Contract CFO/Controller

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Contract CFO/Controller

Every company is big enough to need the expert advice of a CFO or Controller, but some just aren’t big enough to hire one full time. You may have a bookkeeper who does a great job entering the day-to-day financial data and even providing basic financial statements, but I can go beyond the basics to design reports and provide analysis and advice to locate missed opportunities and risks to your business.

I have many years experience in auditing and forensic accounting working with privately held businesses. With my expert advice on internal controls I can help you design a system that avoids the need for a forensic accountant. No company is too small to protect its employees and assets.

No matter how big or small every business has opportunities to improve the bottom line. I can take a fresh look at your business and provide advice on opportunities that have been previously missed. I may be new to your business but I am not new to business and helping companies be the best they can be.

With my extensive experience working with privately held businesses I can provide the expert advice and services of a full time CFO or Controller on a part time basis.